Hello! My name is David Crossett, founder of RV Masters. I started this company because when I bought my RV, I couldn’t find the information I needed. Truthfully, I was really intimidated, yet confident I could figure it out. I spent a lot of time on YouTube, probably measured in 100’s of hours. There was a lot to know, about how to DRIVE it, how to USE it, and of course I wanted to know about camping, how to get gas, how to stay at Walmart – there’s a lot more to know that JUST about the RV!

     I learned what I could on YouTube and then got started using it. I was a heavy user right out of the gate, so my learning curve was greatly shortened – I learned in months what many of my friends still didn’t know after a couple of years of casual ownership.

     I eventually ran across some “official” training by various companies and individuals, and it was completely lacking – it didn’t give me the information I needed to know. A lot of the training was technical, or things like “how to clean the battery tray” or “how to flush the water heater”…. HOW ABOUT HOW TO TURN IT ON?!   🙂

     I have a Masters in Business Administration, a highly technical background, and have always excelled at teaching difficult concepts and making them easy to understand. I decided I could build better training than anything out there. After a little more than a year of research, working with dealers, salespeople, manufacturer representatives, talking to people at campgrounds, campground owners, park rangers, truckers, and a Ph.D educator and curriculum designer, I put together what I believe is the first scientific and education-based approach to teaching about RV’s.

     The other difference with my training is that I focus on USAGE – the reality of being in it and using it. Flushing the water heater isn’t a helpful topic until you know what it is, where it is, how to turn it on, and how to not destroy it accidentally because you didn’t know the basics of how it works. Only AFTER all of that am I interested in flushing it!

     I welcome you to my website and training. I stand behind my statement when I say it’s the best and most comprehensive training on the market. I’m excited about all the people I’ve met and helped become more confident in their RV ownership. I love hearing the stories and the ways my training has helped people have experiences they wouldn’t otherwise have had.

     You can contact me directly at david@rvmasters.com if you ever have any questions or feedback.