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Lesson 11: Speed quiz!

What, a quiz?! Yes! Now it’s time to have some fun, and prove to yourself that you know your trailer now! In this bonus lesson, we run – literally – through many trailers and point out all the components we’ve learned about. You’ll be surprised at your ability to identify everything we cover! Now you …

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Lesson 6: Awnings

Lesson You will have either an electric or a manual awning. The awning is always on this side of the trailer, the ‘living side’, where your door is. Electric The rocker button for an electric awning will be inside, usually near the front door. Be careful not to extend it past the end – some …

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Lesson 7: Propane

Lesson You’ll have one or two propane tanks mounted towards the front of the trailer, usually on the tongue. You’ll see the propane lines running from the tanks to the rest of the trailer. You can turn the propane tanks on by twisting the knob at the top – these are essentially the same tanks …

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Lesson 5: The sewage system

Lesson Your sewage system has 2 parts – a gray tank and a black tank. The gray tank holds all the water from the sinks, showers, and washer/dryer or dishwasher if you have one. The black tank holds the sewage from the toilet. Your tank monitor will tell you how full the tanks are. There …

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Lesson 3: Heating and cooling

Lesson Heating To turn the furnace on, use your thermostat and set the heat higher than ambient temperature. Make sure your propane is turned on. You will feel heat through the vents, as well as from the outside furnace vent on the side of the trailer. You can use the furnace without house power – …

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Lesson 4: Your RV Water System

Lesson You will have one of three water heating systems on a trailer: a Suburban, an Atwood, or a tankless. You’ll know if you have a tankless because you’ve have asked for it or installed it yourself. The other two brands of water heaters come in 2 varieties: gas only, or gas/electric. Most trailers are …

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Lesson 9: Misc. Inside your trailer

Now we go inside! Now we are going to move inside the trailer. Again, many of the components and layout will be similar across brands and models. We’ll cover how to use the many systems your RV has and things to watch for. Click a topic to get started!