Lesson 10: Propane


You will have a propane tank mounted underneath the RV, usually on the driver side. You’ll notice that the door to this compartment doesn’t lock – that is by design for safety.┬áPropane is odorless, but that smell you smell is an additive they put in it to help us in case there is a leak.

The propane tank will have a dial on it to indicate the level of propane: usually Empty, 1/2, 3/4, and full. However, a full propane tank is roughly 80% of its capacity because it needs room to expand. Thus 100% full is not really 100% full. You’ll notice this when you look at the dial, you’ll see the “full” mark VERY close to the 3/4 mark.

You can turn the propane on using the dial that is on the propane tank itself. The propane tank also has a regulator mounted to it – don’t alter this! If you want to add other low-pressure propane adapters, see a qualified propane service shop!


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