Lesson 6: Water Part 1


You coach has a freshwater system that enables you to be fully self contained regarding water and waste. This lesson will discuss how the water system works, the difference between tank and city water, and how to use the system.

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Your coach has a fresh water system that is made up of an inlet, selector, fresh water (or “white”) tank, water pump, and faucets/output. In your water bay you’ll have a standard garden hose hookup to connect to your water source. The selector in the water compartment allows you to determine if you want to fill the freshwater tank or if you want to directly use the source water to “pass through” straight to your water faucets (often called “city/fixture”). If you pull from the tank, you’ll need to run your water pump to pressurize the system. If you run it in city/fixture mode, you may not need the water pump if the pressure is strong enough. You also will need a water regulator somewhere between the source water and your water system. Many campgrounds have unregulated pressure, some as high as 120 lbs! Most coaches are meant to handle 50 lbs easily, maybe even 100 lbs. But over that you risk bursting pipes or damaging your water system.

Master Tip: Washer/dryer (if equipped): The washer needs water to work. If the water pump is not on, or you run out of water, the washing machine will give an error code. Check your manuals to see what that code means!

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