Lesson 9: Awnings


The awning is always on the ‘living side’ of the coach, where your door is. The rocker button for an electric awning will be inside, usually near the front door.

For maintenance, just clean with mild soap and water. Make sure to never roll it up wet, or if you have to, make sure to unroll it and dry it out as soon as you can. This also means that after it rains, you need to open it – water still gets into a rolled up awning in the rain!

Most coaches will have an outside LED light strip near where the awning is mounted. The switch for this will be inside the door as well. They’re starting to mount these LED’s against the coach rather than in the tube of the awning (so now you can use the light without extending the awning).

Awnings are easy items to overlook and neglect. They are simple to operate and require little maintenance. But they are also somewhat easily damaged. A couple of tips will ensure years of problem-free usage.

Master Tip: Be careful – some awnings will let you over-extend the motor and it will start winding back up!

Master Tip: Open and close your awning periodically – monthly if possible. This lets the fabric breathe and keeps it from cracking and getting hard, and also releases any moisture.

Master Tip: Don’t count on the wind sensor! It can’t respond fast enough to prevent damage in a quick microburst or wind event. Never leave your coach with the awning extended!

Master Tip: Check under the awning if they’ve been out for an extended period of time. Leaves, pine needs, and bird nests can make closing the slide a problem!

Master Tip: Keep your slide seals lubricated so they don’t stick. Baby powder or a purchased lubricant is sufficient.

Master Tip: Direct sunlight is the biggest enemy to all seals (including the compounds the cover seals such as on the roof). That’s the purpose of covering and checking annually.

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