Orientation – Welcome

Welcome to the CURV Class A Orientation Series!

Before you get started, make sure to download the dictionary and checklists below! Especially the “Essential starter items” and “Advanced starter items” – these are things you must have before you can properly use your RV!

Video Lesson


You can download each checklist one at a time, or you can go to the bottom of the page and download a zipped file containing all of them!


Download individual checklists here:

Download the RV Dictionary and Appendix

Download “Essential Starter Items – Checklist 1”  <— Must have!

Download “Advanced Starter Items – Checklist 2” <– Must have!

Download “Items to stock” – Checklist 3″

Download “Traveling with pets – Checklist 4”

Download “Starter Toolkit – Checklist 5”

Download “Pre Trip Prep – Checklist 6”

Download “Pre-trip trailer inspection – Checklist 7”

Download First Stop Shakedown – Checklist 8″

Download “Setting up camp – Checklist 9”

Download “Packing up camp – Checklist 10”

Download “Trailer Storage – Checklist 11”


Download all checklists in a single zip file here:

Checklists: Download Zip File


Now sit back, relax, and get your journey started!