Orientation Overview


Welcome to the BEST training you can get for your RV! We take that statement seriously – we’ve worked, researched, tested, and LIVED the RV lifestyle to bring YOU what you need to know go get started and get out there!

RV Masters training is the result of over 2 years of development in conjunction with dealers, factory representatives, salespeople, educators, CDL truck drivers, and experienced RV’ers. We have taught all kinds of people all across the country in our live hands-on MasterTrack courses. This video series stems from the success of that program and the excellent content developed.

In the next lessons and videos, we’ll explore the features of your coach. A very large part of RV’s are very similar across manufacturer lines and brands. There are limited suppliers in the industry, and while many components may have a few variations, they are similar enough to cover no matter what your RV is.

No matter what you bought, that coach allows you to get “out there”. You and I will be at the same campground, fishing the same lake, and driving the same roads. There is no trailer that has ‘all’ the features available, or ‘every single thing made’ in it. You have what you have and it will help you enjoy being out there, getting away from it all, and have a wonderful time. Don’t get hung up on the features you may or may not have – at the end of the day it doesn’t matter. We’re paying to be ‘out there’, and whatever you have will help you to do that, whether you have a 6 gallon or 10 gallon water heater! Right?

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