Class A or C Orientation and Driving Class Online Videos


Class A or C Orientation and Driving Class Online Videos

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You asked for it – so here’s the list of topics I cover!


8 Lessons

Not a house on wheels

Language and Research

The difference with coaches

Driving terms and vocabulary

Diesel differences

Be an owner

Critical maintenance

Off-track definition


45 Walkthrough Videos

Chassis vs House



Gen troubleshooting

Heating and cooling

House leveling

House safety

Steps and door

Control panel

Diesel cockpit

…and 35 more!


8 Complete Driving Videos

A few things to start with

Braking theory

Hip trick

Lane alignment trick

Steering tips

Cruise control

Passing/being passed



7 How To Videos

Dumping sewage w/o water

Dumping sewage with tank flush

Hooking up a tow vehicle

Stealth dumping gray water

How to level your coach

Filling propane

Filling with water



8 Bonus Lessons

Tow vehicle off-tracking

Heating and cooling tip

Leaving your info


Diesel and truckstops

Gas stations

Battery Boost

More on batteries


8 Specific Skills Videos

Reference points

Mirror orientation

Braking for diesels

Get to know your spotter

Backing and pivot point

Tail swing, off-track, and curbs

Pivot point slalom

3-step campground backing


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This online video series includes the same information as the 2 day MasterTrack training course. Topics include detailed walkthrough information, how systems work, as well as driving and towing instruction and information.


This series includes nearly 65 videos, including introduction videos, lessons, specific skills lessons, driving theory lessons, how-to videos, and many walkthroughs. Plus a handful of bonus videos! Topics include:


Hitching up a tow vehicle, leveling, braking, pivot point, tail swing, straight line backing, campground backing, tight turns, in town and highway driving, as well as walkthroughs of the water, sewage, propane, and electrical system.


After this course, you will understand each component in your RV, what it does, and how it fits in to the overall function of your RV – ensuring that you get the best that your RV has to offer!


**These are NOT downloadable at this time! Instead, they are viewable from any internet enabled device, so you always have access to them!