Bonus – Be an owner!

MasterTrack Lesson

RV ownership is not a set it and forget it proposition. No one is out there with you, 5 minutes of your own time fixing something can save hours and hours of service/shop time. Most damage comes from neglect.

Sometimes people think they can buy an RV, park it in the garage, and simply get in it and go when they feel like it. Actually, owning an RV is not a “set it and forget it” proposition. One of the most important things to understand – and accept – is that you must be an active participant in the health, usage, and monitoring of your RV. A couple reasons for that include:

  • You’re the one that’s out there alone when things go wrong
  • Dealers and service centers are always busy, and it can be weeks before you get your RV back after dropping it off. Therefore, you only want to take it in for issues that aren’t easy fixes you could have done yourself.
  • No one else sees it as often as you do, and many problems can be addressed long before they are problems if you are simply paying attention to the signs your coach gives you.

A coach is a large and complex machine. It is important to understand that improper use or neglect can be very expensive. Mistakes can also be expensive, both in time and money. When it comes to your coach, the easiest way to save money is to just be a knowledgeable owner. A lot of damage to coaches comes from neglect: water damage, storage damage, battery neglect, tire maintenance, etc. A little bit of know-how and attention will go a long way in reducing the cost of ownership! Just be on the lookout and make sure you use your checklists to be thorough!

Also keep in mind that there are varying degrees of quality from coach to coach. Some coaches have very good internal woodworking but cheaper water system components, while another may be on a solid chassis but feel a little cheap in the materials. You may or may not experience some or many of these issues. “Higher end” coaches don’t often suffer from quality issues. However, they DO have the same power and water component failures of any other coach, still making this information important.