Entertainment system


We don’t cover much about the entertainment center in the walkthrough because they can be configured in so many different ways. However, here are some tips that hold true in most instances:

You will have a coax cable input on the driver side of the coach (on the side of the power pole). This is to connect to the cable that is offered by most campgrounds.
You may also have a ‘satellite’ cable input, used of course for satellite hookups.
Sometimes there will be multiple coax cable inputs, one directly to each TV. If you only have one, then you probably have a splitter somewhere inside that allows for a single input to be split out to multiple outputs (main TV, bedroom TV, bunkroom TV if applicable).
Your radio/DVD player will usually be hooked up to the main TV using either an HDMI cable or the RCA connectors (red, yellow, white/black). You will need to “switch over” the TV ‘input’ source to see this signal.
The speakers in the trailer are wired only to the stereo – you will generally not get your TV sound to output through those speakers.
The antenna that came with the trailer may be a batwing (old crank up/down style) or the newer King HD antenna. In either case, you can get regular “air” channels to your TV using your antenna.
There is often a ‘booster’ or ‘button switch’ on or near the cable output plate. If you are trying to use an input method that isn’t working (such as using air for channels, or cable for cable tv), then you can push this button to switch between cable and air.

Video lesson

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