Outdoor kitchen


Few coaches have an outdoor kitchen, but for the ones that do here are a few things to know:

First, the fridge that is a part of the outdoor kitchen is nearly always a normal 110-volt fridge. It is not an RV propane-burning fridge. This means that it isn’t on unless the coach is plugged into power or there is an inverter than is on. As long as the coach is unplugged or the inverter is off, this fridge is nothing more than a cooler!

Second, it’s important to know whether or not your sink is connected to the gray tank (it’ll have a drain like a normal sink), or if it’s just a tub that you can dump the water out of. Each has its benefit – just know which one you have!

Some kitchens will come with a BBQ grill, or at least a propane “quick connect” to plug your BBQ grill into. Sometimes that quick connect will have a valve on it that you need to open in order to get gas.

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