Driving bonus: General driving

MasterTrack Lesson

Lesson: Must look down road 15 seconds.

Lesson: Must plan going through a town if you plan to stop.

Lesson: Assumptions: We make lots of assumptions when driving: that car will continue to turn left and we’ll miss it, that car will speed up like we expect them to. In a car, if you’re wrong, you just hit the brakes and pick your phone up off the floor. In an RV, it’s a wreck.

Lesson: Stale lights: Watch your point of no return (much further out), if very stale cover brake or plan on stopping.

Lesson: Cushion: It’s more important in a coach to know your cushion around you. The coach can drift easily through steering play or light wind. You need to know if you’re able to drift or if you need to take quick corrective action.

Lesson: Remember the 3 C’s: Corner, corner, and curb! Before you enter a parking lot, check that you can get around in the parking lot – that you can make the corners. Look for poles on the end-islands, or tight turns because of parked cars. Then remember the other corner – the upper right of your RV! Look for low hanging trees/branches, lights, overhangs, etc. Then the last C – curb. Make sure you can exit the parking lot! For reasons you’ll learn in the driving portion of the program, sometimes you cannot exit a parking lot the way you came in!