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What Our Students Have to Say

Here are some of our students who explain what it’s like to learn with us, and why they chose RV Master.

First, THANK YOU! Your videos are a great help to anyone looking at buying an RV. There's a ton of great information, very well presented and well worth the cost. I particularly liked the bonus chapter with the simulated trailer purchase as it defused the inevitable tension from negotiation just being able to recognize what was happening. Good job!
Greg E
Colbert, WA
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent advice. I just ordered a new Tiffin motor home with the exact options and colors I wanted and with the information in your videos I was able to get 28.5% off the MSRP with relatively little difficulty at all. They had the same model on the lot with different options but same MSRP for $8000 more. I feel with the knowledge you provided I was able to save thousands of dollars. You program is well worth the price.
Dennis B
Sanford, FL
Hi ... I just wanted to reach out to you and say thank you. Just yesterday I bought the Master Buyers Track and the Starter Orientation for travel trailers. I binged watched everything! I couldn’t stop. I already knew - I knew nothing (even after months and months of research)... but now after watching your videos I realize my cluelessness was epic! I can’t tell you how much all this information helped me AND the way you organized the information, literally perfect.
Cara B
Jupiter, FL